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Federan Inc.


FedLMS.org  is the gateway to Federan's learning management system.  Federan’s educational programs are built around K-12 education, stocks and options investing and real estate management. Federan is a 501C3 nonprofit organization and the organization’s goals for these educational programs include empowering individuals and families to successfully manage and improve their economic status.


Federan Inc. was founded by Dr. John L. Edwards with its initial objective being to provide housing and educational solutions to disadvantaged populations. Educational programs in stock and options trading are designed to train people to successfully trade stocks and options. Dr. Edwards applied his experience as a trader, K-12 educator and businessman to create a program of studies that could help inexperienced investors trade stocks and options successfully, after only three months of intensive training. The program integrates tested and proven investment strategies, fundamenal and technical analysis, with research based instructional strategies to create a powerful investment platform for new and experienced investors.


K-12 educational programs place emphasis on disruptive innovations that bridge the k-12 achievement gap and improve the craft of teaching and learning.


Classes are conveniently conducted online and feature simulated trading, live trading, audio-visual aids, differentiated activities, and cooperative learning strategies. Our curriculums address core industry  / state standards and workbooks are published to specifically meet our curricular demands.


Federan prides itself in providing small class sizes, blended learning options, and attractive opportunities for continuing education.  Educators should expect to acquire skills and knowledge to create a high impact in the most difficult environments (regular and special education) and finance industry graduates have the option to trade their individual investment portfolios, seek employment with investment firms or further hone their skills at in-house trading platforms with the help of our mentors.

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